Weir Elementary School Open House Videos

Weir Elementary School Open House Videos.  Please listen to Mrs. Denson's video first.  Then your student's teacher's videos.  We also have special activity teachers and other accommodation videos to watch too.  Mrs. Martin, Mrs. Talley, Mr. Snyder, and Mrs. Canterberry will be added as soon as possible.

Robbie Denson

Stephanie Howard, Pre-K

Tomeka Conerly, Kindergarten

Julie Chase, 1st/2nd

Bethany Arnault 3rd/4th

Elicia Griffin 3rd/4th

Sherri Coleman 5th/6th

Haley Hunt 5th/6th

Kyla McKnight 5th

Kyla McKnight 6th

Jackie Wise, School Counselor

Lila Fisher, Librarian/Interventionist

Sherry Hall, Interventionist

Tori McCulloch, Speech

Rachel Kirk, Music