WES Writing Activities

Tuesday, May 5th:  Writing

Pre-K: Pretend you have traveled in space.  What color are the planets?  Write the colors on a piece of paper.  Use your flashcards if you need to.

Kindergarten: Pretend you have found a new planet in space! Here is your sentence starter: My planet’s name is _________. Write another sentence about your planet.  Is it big or little? Hot or cold? Could we travel there? Draw a picture of your new planet too.

1st & 2nd Grade: Write 5 facts you learned yesterday about planets. Write 2 opinions. Make sure to use capital letters and ending marks.

3rd &4th Grade: Mrs. Vaughan is trying to choose which planet is her favorite. Write her a letter telling her all about the planet that you chose to research yesterday and give her reasons why it should be her favorite planet as well. 

5th & 6th Grade: Pretend that you are in outer space. Write a short story about an adventure you would have while you were in outer space. Have fun and be creative!