WES Reading Activities

Monday, May 4th:


Pre-K: listen to the story “Me and My Place in Space.”  Tell your parents some things you learned about space.

Kindergarten: Read, “Earth and the Solar System” on Epic! After the story, talk about something new that you learned.  There are a lot more books on Epic about space you can read. Maybe you can find one on your favorite planet and learn more about that planet. Also, name all the planets and make the sound you hear at the beginning of each word.  

1st & 2nd grade: Choose two planets from our Solar System. Read about them on Epic. Then draw a Venn Diagram and tell how the two planets are alike and how they are different. Also you can draw the different Planets and label them.

3rd and 4th grade:  Choose a planet that you want to learn more about. Log onto EPIC and type in the name of that planet. Read a book about that planet and write down three important facts that you learned. 

 5th & 6th Grade: Read, “12 Epic Space Journeys” on Epic! There are many other books about space on Epic!, so pick  some on your level and have fun reading!