WES Math Rocks

Thursday, April 30: MATH

 Pre-K: Gather 20 blocks. Parents write the numbers 1-20 on them. Build a tower putting the blocks order from 1-20. 

Kindergarten: Greater Than/Less Than practice - here’s what you need: playing cards and a small piece of paper with a greater than/less than sign drawn on it (alligator mouth). Have a grown up draw two cards and lay them down and you use your alligator mouth (greater than/less than sign) down between the two cards. Remember that the alligator eats the biggest number. 

1st: I will video these instructions in class dojo. Ok looks like the math theme this week will revolve around occupations and greater than and less than or greatest to least. Each player will need to have 2 dice, index cards (or pieces of paper cut up into card size), and strips of paper with different occupations (have your parent(s) write some jobs on a paper). To play the game you will have to wear the occupation strip around your forehead without knowing what it is. The pieces of paper or index card will have greatest, least, or greater than signs or less than signs. Pick who will be the first to go first by rolling one die - lowest number goes first. The person who goes first chooses the index cards that are face down and chooses a challenger (another player). Whoever wins gets to ask someone to give them a clue of what occupation they are - you can’t tell another player what they are. The game continues until someone figures out who they are then they win, but you can put on another occupation strip to see if you can get another one before the game is over. Or play until everyone guesses who they are. If you have no dice then you can use cards. Deal two cards to every player. Joker is the wild card - whatever number 0-9 that you want it to be. Ace adds 50 to the other number, King adds 30 to the other number, Queen adds 20 to the other number, Jack adds 10 to the other number. If you are ready to move to a 3-digit number (and we have been over this - use 3 dice instead of 2 dice; or three cards instead of two. 2nd: I will video these instructions in class dojo. 

Ok second grade, I would like for you to play the game above with 3 dice, or 3 cards or if you are brave enough and feel like you can tackle a 4-digit number go for it! 

3rd: Use the SuperValue sale paper that comes in the mail. Pretend you are a clerk who is responsible for filling orders for pick up. Choose 4 items you would like to purchase yourself. Use addition to determine how much these items will be. The person picking up their order will pay with $50.00. Determine how much change you will need to give them once that have paid for their 4 items at pickup. Happy shopping!! 

4th: You will also pretend you are a clerk who is responsible for filling orders for pick up at SuperValue. Use the sales paper that comes in the mail for SuperValue each week. Your customer will purchase 4 different items. However, they will purchase 3 of each of the items you choose. Once you determine the cost of their items, there will be 12 items in all, use multiplication to find your prices. Your customer will use $150.00 to pay for their items. Determine how much change you will need to give them. Happy shopping!!

5th: Find the salary for the Math Department Chair (the person in charge, responsible for managing the math department) of 5 different universities. Find the average (mean) by adding all the numbers and dividing the sum by 5-the number of salaries added. Order the salaries from greatest to least. Round each salary to the nearest ten thousand. Which university has the lowest salary and which has the greatest salary? 

6th: Find the salary of the Math Department chair for 7 different major universities and round each to the nearest hundred thousand. Find the mean, median, interquartile range (IQR) and mean absolute deviation (MAD). Is there a mode? If so, what is it?