Plants and flowers

Monday, April 20:


Pre-K: Listen to the song “The Needs of a Plant” by Harry Kindergarten on YouTube.  Draw a flower and color it. List what flowers need to grow. Students can trace or write the needs.

Kindergarten: Read, “Flowers” by Rebecca Stromstad Glaser  on Epic. If you can not get on Epic you can listen to Flowers read aloud on YouTube

Draw a picture of a flower and label the parts of a flower (stem, petals, leaves, and roots). 

1st & 2nd grade: Read a story on Epic or listen to a story about plants, draw a picture of a flower - label the parts of the flower - roots, stem, leaves, and flower.

3rd and 4th grade: Grab a pencil and a piece of paper and go on a nature walk! Write down at least three three types of bugs or animals that you see. Also, write down at least 3 types of trees or plants that you see and collect a leaf or flower from them if you can. When you get back home write a letter to a friend telling them all about your nature walk and what you discovered. Challenge them to go on a nature walk of their own! 

 5th & 6th Grade

  •  Read, “Plants are Living Things” on Epic! 

  • There are many different plant books on Epic!, choose some on your level and have fun reading! 

Draw: Design your own plant and draw a picture of it. Be creative!