MATH SCAVENGER HUNT – Optional Activity

Places to look or create something you see on the list

Look in the newspaper, on the computer, inside or outside the house or create it on paper - let your teacher know how many you found through Class Dojo send your favorite picture of the scavenger hunt to your teacher….most of all have FUN!

●     number written in word form

●     bar graph

●     line graph or timeline

●     polygon

●     temperature

●     date

●     fraction

●     time

●     number greater than one million

●     price with dollars and cents

●     line longer than 2 inches

●     Pattern

●     Shapes - as many as you want/can to find

●     Recipe

●     height and length of something

●     unit of measure (inches, feet, miles, etc.)

●     Coupon

●     prices

Extra Bonus for 3rd through 6th

●     Mixed fraction

●     Percentage sign

●     decimal less than 1

●     Decimal greater than 1

●     Negative number - 6th grade